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E-nabling India’s rural
President Kalam’s vision of taking urban technologies to rural areas is being realised in a number of ‘digital divide’ projects —The Hindu, 30th Sep 2004

In a “living lab” in kuppam, India, Hewlett Packard is helping people overcome barriers to social and economic progress. Its also learning how to compete better in the region and around the world—Harvard Business Review,Aug 2003

Beyond the digital divide
Development: Amid much worthy talk of ‘bridging the digital divide’, technology firms have realised that fostering the adoption of information technology in the developing world would not just benefit locals, but is in vendors’ best interest as well—The Economist, 11th Mar 2004

Tech’s Future
With affluent markets maturing, tech’s next 1 billion customers will be Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, Thai… In reaching them, the industry will be deeply transformed —Business Week, 27th Sep 2004

Taking tech to rural communities
Till a year ago Neelamma was a non-descript middle-aged housewife like many others in her village Yamanur near Kuppam. Today, she is known as the village photographer —The Hindu Business Line, 25th Aug 2004

Catalysing progress
An initiative in Andhra Pradesh brings Hewlett Packard lots of intangible growth, with profits not far behind—Business India, 31st Jan 2005

Technology transcends geographical barriers. HP’s initiative at kuppam has proved that Information Technology can empower ordinary villagers, and help the young and bright among them to climb the economy ladder—Information Technology, 30th Nov 2004

Race on to tap 700-m-people market in India
The promise of the great Indian middle class may have drowned many a marketer’s dream in the past, but there seems to be a grandeur resurgence—The Times of India, 11th Apr 2005