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Training Center

The Training Center delivers computer-based education to the people of Kuppam. Courses range from the basics of computing to professional, skill enhancing packages. The Training and the Placement Centers are positioned uniquely vis-a-vis the Employment Exchange: candidates registering at the exchange, have the option of enhancing their technical skills through the computer based training offered at the Training Center or enroll at the finishing school, to fill skill gaps, identified at the employment registration stage. This fine cohesion has enhanced capacity building within the community of Kuppam, generating an ecosystem of marketable technical and non-technical skills.

Placement Center

The placement center is a finishing school to make its candidates more “employable”. The center adds finishing touches such as vocational skills, English language usage, personality development, executive development, attitudinal-behavioral training. The center also provided candidates with the skill to face an interview. The objective of the center is to create an eco-system for employment generation for individuals and groom them with requisite finishing skills. It works in tandem with the training center and the electronic employment exchange, to help ensure a well-rounded, total candidature in the local job market. For example, students of the training center can register themselves at the electronic employment exchange, and simultaneously add on finishing skills training through the placement center.

For the Kuppam hp i-community, the initiative of the placement center or finishing school, is the first of its kind, in a developing environment. It has helped increase local job prospects, particularly for the youth. The community can now retain its local employable youth, thereby adding to the purchasing power of the region and as a result, the economic development of the region.