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Wide Area Broaband Wireless Network

HP, in close association with the Government of Andhra Pradesh, deployed a wireless wide area broadband network using 802.11b technology. The network is a key enabler of ICT driven solutions like internet telephony, internet radio, public broadcasting, etc. It connects various service providers like the Community Information Centers (CICs), the government offices, hospitals, police stations, etc. Low cost technology innovations like Can Antennas have been tried out to reduce the cost of deployment of such networks

Solution Delivery Channels
In a developing environment, access, affordability and capacity are key challenges. HP realized that these basic issues needed tackling even before the introduction of customized ICT-based solutions:

Community Information Centres (CIC)

The CIC business model encourages entrepreneurial leadership among local youth. It also forms an integral delivery mechanism to reach the i-community solutions to the citizens of Kuppam. HP, in partnership with World Corps, a NGO, has set up CICs across Kuppam. The chain of entrepreneur-owned CICs, provides a host of exclusive i-community services like electronic employment exchange, HP digital photography services, eye testing, access to community portal, et al. They also provide other basic services to the community like photocopying, telephone-fax services, e-mail and Internet services, DTP services, insurance products, etc. The resulting economic independence has enabled the community to retain its talented and energetic youth, thereby contributing to the development of the region.

Mobile Solutions Centre

The Mobile Solutions Center is an innovative delivery mechanism that takes solutions to the doorstep of the community as distances between villages could be a barrier in accessing solutions that CICs offer. The Kuppam hp i-community introduced the MSC to deliver a host of i-community solutions to outlying villages.

Examples are electronic employment exchange, portal services, eye testing, tele-agriculture, entertainment, etc. HP and domain partner PES Institute of Medical Sciences & Research (PESIMSR), deployed Mobile Health Clinics that deliver essential healthcare services to the community, besides the other services offered by the MSC.