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Teachers’ Training

In association with WorldLinks, an NGO, HP has introduced a host of training programs to empower the teaching fraternity at the Kuppam hp i-community. Teachers enjoy access to global trends in teaching, material for online training and skill improvement, access to other information, increasing the overall knowledge levels in the process, helping them deliver more informed training to their students.

Curriculum efficacy

To make learning new words, spelling and synonyms a joy, rather than a burden, HP worked closely with NGOs like the America India Foundation (AIF) to develop, test and manage a host of game-based, interactive, educational solutions for vocabulary and general knowledge enhancement.

Entrepreneurship in Residence

A team of trained volunteers from the community, work with groups of people, showing a host of educational content, be they educational CDs from the Azim Premji Foundation, targeted at children; or ‘Sisu Samrakshak’, a woman-child hygiene animated education series from UNICEF; or Farming Information System to farmer groups.