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Entrepreneurs In Residence

This programme looks at creating new age entrepreneurs providing useful services to the community enabled by ICT.

This program takes advantage of the sharp fall in the computer note book prices and other ICT devices over the past 2 years rendering an elite product extremely relevant to the rural community. Computer note books have two important advantages firstly they consume relatively less than 30% power of a conventional PC and with its advantage of portability are the ideal vehicles for increasing ICT penetration in the villages.

These Entrepreneurs in the Kuppam HP i-community earn their living by showing various available content to different sections of the society -farmers, women, children etc. on a notebook computer. This program has received surprising appreciation from the community mainly for the accessibility of this service. This easy access is helping rural women to use the computer and see UNICEF content on pregnancy and child birth and are willing to pay nominal amounts to access the same. The father of a computer literacy trainer is so convinced about the utility of this program that he accompanies his daughter when she visits the neighbouring villages at night. This program also gives HP superior insights on what kind of content if shown to the community will be paid for. There are a few other beneficial unintended consequences also, for e.g. it is promoting a community feeling in the villages when people come together and jointly pay and learn about knowledge available through the computer.