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Kuppam Factoids

About Kuppam
Location/Geography: Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh State, India, about 105 kms by rail from Bangalore.
Kuppam town latitude: 12′ 45″ north, Longitude 78′ 20″ east.

• The first export of granite (black granite) from India dates back to 1925 from Kuppam to the U.K., for use as a tombstone.
• The first i-community was established at Kuppam in Feb 2002.

• 300,000: 62,400 households in 5 mandals – 612 habitations

Total area:
• 123,325 hectares: 63,000 hectares of cultivable land (50.4%) and 41,987 hectares under forest area (33.7%)

• 50 health centers, 455 schools, 1engineering college, medical college and teaching hospital, market yard, cell phone connectivity
• Kuppam is on the main Bangalore-Chennai railway route about 105 kms from Bangalore - historically a backward and neglected area

Literacy Rate: 61%

Primary occupation: Agriculture

Languages spoken: Telugu, Tamil, Kannada
Set at the confluence of the sates of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & A.P

Source: KADA , Office of the Collectorate, Chittoor, Geological Survey of India